Comcast approved to provide internet services to Edison

Comcast approved to provide internet services to Edison

An Xfinity service truck and workers. COMCAST/Handout

EDISON, N.J., April 4 (ZFJ) — Comcast has been approved to provide internet services to Edison, announced the company on March 20, 2024.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities granted its application for a system-wide franchise to operate in Edison, allowing it to offer its Xfinity and Comcast Business services to the township.

Residents will have access to all of Xfinity’s internet products. According to the company’s website, costs range from a starting price of $20 a month for a 150 mbps connection to a starting price of $85 a month for a 1,200 mbps connection.

With all initial promotions, a 300 mbps connection starts at $35 a month, a 500 mbps connection starts at $55 a month, and a 1,000 mbps connection starts at $80 a month. The standard prices are $90, $105, and $115 respectively, although Xfinity does apply a $10 autopay and paperless discount every year and continues doing so once the promotional discount expires in the fourth year of being their customer.

Optimum, presently the only major internet service provider in Edison, offers a 300 mbps connection for $40 a month, a 500 mbps connection for $60 a month, and one gigabyte (1,000 mbps) connection for $80 a month. These introductory rates last for 12 months before increasing “in periodic increments, with advance notice,” to the rate card prices of $70, $90, and $110 respectively.

Xfinity also offers an Internet Essentials program that provides low-income households an internet connection of up to 50 mbps for $9.95 a month. Its Internet Essentials Plus version offers an internet connection up to 100 mbps for $29.95 a month.

“Since day one, broadband competition has been a focus of my administration, and I’m proud and excited that Comcast will begin building out to offer service to our residents,” said Edison Mayor Sam Joshi in the company’s press release. “This is a huge win for us all, allowing for better service in our schools, workplaces, and homes, especially for residents who work remotely. I am thrilled to see our community grow, and this partnership is a great example of how we move forward together.”

Tackling Optimum’s monopoly on internet services in Edison has been one of Joshi’s key campaign promises. In late February, Edison accepted a $2 million grant from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to establish municipal broadband services.

Construction on the multi-year project “will get underway immediately,” according to Comcast. Joshi wrote on Facebook that while installation of the fiber optic network will “continue over the next five years,” the company will be able to begin serving Edison residents as soon as this year.

Edison residents and businesses can sign up for updates on construction timing and service availability at